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“What can I say about Woman, How Great Thou Art? It is beautiful and inspiring! Reading it is like having a cozy chat with your dearest girlfriend. There is not a person I know who I would not buy this for, and there is so much truth packed in it that even the hardest heart would be softened. I LOVE reading this! It is fresh and deep and inspiring. Theresa Martin is definitely an instrumental cause!!!!! Thank you for writing this, Theresa, and for letting me be one of the first to read it.”
Rebecca Clemenz, Catholic mother, Switzerland 

“Through the use of her keen and insightful heart and mind, Theresa Martin effectively engages her readers to plunge into the ocean of the mystery of Woman. By the articulate use of the tools of psychology and philosophy, she unveils a window into the intriguing phenomena of the essence of Woman. Her literary work of art, Woman, How Great Though Art, is a must read for anyone whose heart is captured by the beauty, mystery, and uniqueness of Woman.”
Sister Maria F. Meza, M.S., Omaha, Nebraska

“In this book, Theresa Martin combines her background as a promising academic with her hands-on experience as a wife and mother to produce a work which invites women everywhere to meditate on their crucial role in salvation history. Written in an informal, accessible style, Ms. Martin’s book invites its readers to participate with her in the activity of reflecting and celebrating what Pope John Paul II called their “feminine genius.” Women will find in this book both a reassurance that their vocation matters, and a challenge to continue to use their unique gifts and talents to transform the world.”
Anne Maloney, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, St. Catherine University, St.Paul, Minnesota

“Theresa Martin has articulated with profound depth and simple language the deepest mystery of womanhood.  She shed a radiant light on the reality that women have for too long under-appreciated about themselves: That they hold the whole of humanity in their hands.  The future belongs to woman. The bearing of the next generation, the formation of the next thinkers, and the morality of the next cultures ride on the choice of women today.  Will they live to their full potential, as Our Blessed Mother did?  Will they offer their greatness for the service of all mankind?  Or will they recoil from their great dignity and only settle for being acclaimed equal to man—a modern victory over history, but ultimately a defeat if woman fails to see her own greatness in the light of God, as the complement to men and the heart of love in our world.“Come discover in Theresa’s work, Woman, How Great Thou Art, why woman is the way she is and discover anew her genius that can lead her to the heights of success, motherhood, and holiness.  This is a definite must-read for women who are seeking to strengthen their identity as women in the light of Christ’s desire for them.”
Chantal Howard, Author of The School of the Family: A Renaissance of Catholic Formation, Aspen, Colorado

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