Monday, November 13, 2017

Lasagne al forno con funghi e pomodori - You're welcome!

this. was. amazing.

and since after posting it on facebook, I have received several requests for the recipe so I am going to post it here!  This is a great meal for a special occasion!  My 9 year old requested this as his birthday dinner. :-)  Can't tell you how much I love that!!  So OF COURSE I couldn't say no!

note: this is NOT an american lasagna!  You will not find any tomato sauce nor mozzarella nor meat in this recipe.  It uses porcini mushrooms and garlic, freshly diced tomatoes and onions and a decadent white sauce.  The softness and rich taste of the freshly made noodles binds the whole taste experience together... the flavor is exquisite and succulent.

Close your eyes and the taste will transport you to a small ristorante somewhere in italy, tucked away down a lesser known street where only locals go (and foreigners who've been there long enough to figure it out), in the most unassuming decor where fine wine and delectable foods are recurrent and laughter and joy abound.   

First, the base of this recipe is from a fantastic cookbook: "Italian: The definitive professional guide to Italian ingredients and cooking techniques, including 300 step-by-step recipes".

The recipe is found on page 254 of the cookbook.  This recipe (as many in the book do) uses two other recipes as well.  It says to use homemade lasagna noodles (I will include that below) as well as a béchamel sauce (also included).

I will be upfront with you: this meal takes prep.  From making the noodles, to preparing each of the layers and having it all prepared and ready to layer at the same time, it takes finesse and patience.  And it isn't difficult, it is just a little tedious.  But worth it? ohhhh yessssssss.  

Here is the main recipe:
To feed my crew I have to double the recipe.  So, double the recipe = double the effort, but again - So. Incredibly. Worth it.  

Homemade pasta:
page 1:

page 2:

The  béchamel sauce:  (step 2 in the recipe below)

- the béchamel sauce doesn't spread as easily as the recipe suggests.  You have to give yourself time to work it into each layer carefully.
- the more porcini mushrooms, the richer the flavor.
- you are about to realize how easy it is to make homemade pasta, your life will never be the same ;-)

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