Thursday, October 26, 2017

"But Not This Day"

"But Not This Day" by Theresa Martin   (my reflection on our sweet Giorgio was published in Peanut Butter & Grace newsletter ...)

"...yet I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. When I was about to leave for the big ultrasound, my husband said, “Everything is going to be fine!” I responded, “And even if it’s not OK, it will be OK.” And usually it always was—each time before, it was always OK. But not this day.

"...At that appointment, we discovered my baby no longer had a heartbeat. At 18 weeks along, this child had gone to see Jesus already. My spiritual sight darkened, and my heart felt as though it would collapse in on itself. I didn’t even get to fight for him! My husband picked me up, and we were in shock. We picked up the rest of the children, and they knew something was wrong. When we told them, they wept—every one of their sobs echoed the pain in my heart. It tore me apart. Normally, when my child cried, I could hold them, comfort them, give them some words of hope. But not this day..." 

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