Thursday, October 26, 2017

"But Not This Day"

"But Not This Day" by Theresa Martin   (my reflection on our sweet Giorgio was published in Peanut Butter & Grace newsletter ...)

"...yet I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. When I was about to leave for the big ultrasound, my husband said, “Everything is going to be fine!” I responded, “And even if it’s not OK, it will be OK.” And usually it always was—each time before, it was always OK. But not this day.

"...At that appointment, we discovered my baby no longer had a heartbeat. At 18 weeks along, this child had gone to see Jesus already. My spiritual sight darkened, and my heart felt as though it would collapse in on itself. I didn’t even get to fight for him! My husband picked me up, and we were in shock. We picked up the rest of the children, and they knew something was wrong. When we told them, they wept—every one of their sobs echoed the pain in my heart. It tore me apart. Normally, when my child cried, I could hold them, comfort them, give them some words of hope. But not this day..." 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Come to the "Blessed and Beautiful" Women's Conference!

Hello there!

Have you heard about the Diocese Of Winona. MN's  Women's Conference this Saturday (Oct 28th)?
9am - 3:45pm at St. John the Baptist Church in Mankato! (registration is only $20!)

  We have Danielle Bean coming to speak!!  She is author of Momnipotent (Catholic study for moms) and has been on EWTN and has a very popular blog: Welcome! - Danielle Bean

Her talk is "Blessed and Beautiful!"
Lunch is included!!

There are also 2 afternoon speakers: 
Janette Howe - who is a beautiful soul and will be speaking about her ministry Seven Sisters, which is a ministry that supports the constant prayer for priests.

and the second is myself! :-)
Theresa Martin - my talk "Believing in Miracles" will detail the tragic and amazing journey God has led my family and me on over the last year.  After the tragic loss of our son to the healing of our daughter's tumor ... you will not want to miss this amazing story of God's faithfulness and great love for us all!

You can pay at the door, but it would be helpful to staff to register ahead of time:   

Nursing baby??? No problem!  There will be a comfy room to nurse baby or take baby if she or he is fussy, which will be live-streaming the talks on a big screen - so you won't miss a thing!  They know how to show the love to mamas!!
We are so happy to be back in the diocese!  Please come and say hello - cannot wait to see everyone again!!!

God bless you oh so much!
(Please share with others!  There's plenty of room for all!)