Friday, July 10, 2015

shorts too small

The most interesting conversation happened between myself and my eldest son (now ten years old). We were folding clothes when he found a hand-me-down pair of black shorts and said, "no one wants to wear these anymore because the tag says women's."
I checked it out; sure enough! "Women's line" written right there. "Well, maybe I'll hang on to them and use them after I lose this baby weight."

To which he said, "they look kind of small."
I laughed again, "well, look at our wedding photo there. I used to be small before I had six crazy boys!"
He sat up tall and grinned a wide, confident grin. "You're welcome!" He said and seemed so proud to have been part of such a fine endeavor. He then kissed my cheek and went to put his clothes away.
He is not burdened by the social constructs and expectations that I heap upon myself. If only I could see myself through his eyes!

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