Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It's the little things …

This little beauty came in with the boys and couldn't find its way out again. It kept banging into the window. The screen doesn't open on this window, so I had to coax it away long enough to close the blinds and block the view. When it couldn't see the outside, it went crazy. It flew through the room so frantically that it kept crashing into things.
Finally, it flew towards the door which we opened and, much to the cat's dismay who was eyeing it as a plaything, away it went to freedom.

How often do we bang against closed windows in our own lives?

And when the blinds come down we think all is lost.

Perhaps God is just being mercifully redirecting us to a greater life?

Something to think about when we can't break through and the darkness comes down … there is always hope.

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