Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why You Just Can't Get Through To Her

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Have you ever tried to tell someone who is struggling with her self-image how beautiful she is? You know she desperately wants to believe you, but – she – just – can’t. You are upset; you feel rejected. Why won’t she just believe you?! Why can’t she just see what you see or just trust you when you tell her how truthfully beautiful she is?

You know she had an eating disorder, but that was years ago – decades even! She isn’t controlled by those bad eating behaviors anymore, so she should be able to move on. She’s healed; she’s recovered. It’s over … right? 

She wishes. And so do thousands of others just like her. She might not even realize what is still holding her back. Yet, just because she changed how she eats, doesn’t mean the disorder is gone. The reality is that the eating disorder was a reaction not a cause.

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