Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stop Feminine Discrimination - Happy NFP Awareness Week 2014!

A woman's fertility is not a disease. Her body is not broken. People speak of helping women become "equal" by giving them contraception. Is that all a woman is worth? Is she not valued enough to take the time to understand the power behind a woman's cycle and the amazing, intricate ways her cycle can tell her when she is fertile or not or if something else is going wrong in her body.

Instead we tell women and young ladies that to be equal they must control and stop their fertility. They must suppress it with medication, by inserting foreign objects into her body or through surgery ending her fertility permanently. And this will allow woman to be free? 

On the contrary, this only allows a genderless creature formerly known as woman to be "free."* Years upon years upon years doctors have accepted the easy way out to "taking care of" women's issues. From the time a young lady begins her menstrual cycle, she is told the pill is what she needs. So, I know it is hard to see beyond that thick layer of "this is the way it is" pressure. And it might even seem crazy to think otherwise now.

But imagine this - what if there was a way that was 99% effective and had absolutely no side effects. Not only this but it was hormone-free, totally organic and still allowed the couple to have the ability to make a decision about the spacing of their children in freedom and peace. In this method, the man takes time to understand his wife's body. (Instead of holding his ears closed and humming during any menstrual cycle talk!

It's not always easy - but often that is not the fault of natural family planning, but because the couple needs to learn how to communicate more effectively, more lovingly.

Let's seek a New Feminism that elevates women because of her femininity, not over its destruction.

Stop the feminine discrimination - join the revolution - get informed - a woman's body is not broken!

* - this is not to say that a woman who is naturally infertile or who has been convinced that taking contraception is good for her is less of a woman. Instead society's onslaught against women's fertility is indeed against feminine characteristics themselves. I will address this later this week! How does suppressing a woman's fertility suppress her femininity? Check back for the answer on Thursday! :-)

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