Monday, July 14, 2014

Ad campaign to SHOCK us to "Stop the Beauty Madness"

(This is the 1st installment of a week of posts CHALLENGING the BEAUTY MADNESS!)

If you haven't seen it already, there is this edgy, provocative ad campaign that is starkly challenging what they call "beauty madness." The images are so startling that they make you stop and think. My favorite is this one:

What I really like about these jarring ADs is that they are not just focused on the skinny beauty. They challenge judging people who are thin, who are old, who are athletic, who are different races, who have physical handicaps.

We try to place ourselves into the mold of beauty - which you know, is like trying to reach the horizon - it is always just out of our reach. No matter what we do, it's never enough.

I don't want to say I fully endorse them - because I haven't thoroughly vetted all aspects of their campaign. However I do see a lot that is fun and emphasizing the God-given beauty in each person! Like this page where you can upload your own selfies - celebrating the beauty of YOU!
All kinds of interesting uploads there! ;-) Like this one:

What do you think?  You can go check out Stop The Beauty Madness campaign to see the rest of the Ads and let me know what you think about it!

Come check back in tomorrow for our 2nd day of CHALLENGING the BEAUTY MADNESS

You are unique and beautiful! Have a blessed day!

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