Friday, April 11, 2014

Loves like a hurricane ... rushing towards you

On Wednesday, we had quite the scare. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, our three year old disappeared. Here's the story:

Since then I kept calming myself down, 'he's safe; he's okay.' Yet the sheer dread that began to settle as 20 minutes of searching went by and a desperate longing for him, stays with me. And as I dwell on it, I couldn't help but think of God. 
We mostly speak of God as Father, but many times in scripture he's described in very feminine and mothering ways, which even Blessed John Paul II noted. (Read my book for details!) So as women, as mothers, that deep connected-ness that we have for our children is beyond words. 
Just think, God loves us like that - and so much more! Here we are at the end of Lent, rounding the last week before the celebration of His Resurrection. Maybe we still haven't gone to Confession yet; maybe we think God is so far away. And I get that! The physical reality of standing in a confessional line does not feel like the Father running to embrace you... but we must close our eyes and see beyond the physical.
Look to the spiritual - we are all in need of healing. We are all sinners. Yet, with what frantic searching has God been seeking us! longing for us, desperate for us. Never giving up His searching, never ceasing His love for us and His desire to see us close to Him once more.
Running, panting, exhausted, giving up all comfort to find us again! Even sending His Son to take our blame, just so we might be with Him once more! And then He sees us, coming down the road towards home, dirt on our face, tears staining our cheeks. We don't want to be where we've been so we sheepishly come home to God ... and oh! How He loves us!!! 
He runs, rushing towards us - breathless - overwhelmed to find us again - almost knocks us over with His magnificent embrace - His tears of joy cleanse all our dirt away as He presses us to Himself...
Oh! How He loves us! With what celebration the angels and Saints rejoice as the priest says 'I absolve you...'!! Cymbals clash! Your Father tosses you in the air and swings you around! Bringing you back in to His chest and holding you close ... how He loves you!

Here are my delightful boys reenacting "the event" - enjoy ...


  1. awww I'm glad he is safe. God would never let him get hurt! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Theresa!