Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your New Feminism Homily for the First Sunday of Lent

Okay, not sure if I'm going to make this a weekly thing, but a priest friend got me started and it turned into something interesting, so I thought I'd share :-)
First, here is a link to the readings for today (the First Sunday of Lent).
A priest friend asked on Facebook what kind of homily we would give (he did let us know that he had his written already, but the readings being what they were was just curious). This was my response:
It is important to know that sin, Satan & temptation are real. That we are broken, fallen, selfish beings. We make sinful choices so often sometimes we don't think they are any big deal anymore. But little by little as we listen to the serpents in our life, they are separating us from God.
But there is hope! Christ came to save us! He is more powerful than Satan. Just as in The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn is the heir of the throne of men, but being Isildur's heir, he thinks he may be prone to the same weakness. However, when he faces the same evil, he is able to overcome it and restore good and honor to the race of men. In a similar way, though Christ is man and has Adam and Eve's blood, when He was tempted with evil, he was strong and defeated that same temptation. He took on our sin, sacrificed, died - for us, as sinful as we are. He did this to save us! So that we might share in His life! He defeated even death in His resurrection! So that we might too have His power to defeat Satan and temptation when they enter our life!
We must know that evil is real, but with Christ, in Christ and through Christ we can conquer the evil on our lives and live eternally with Him!

Nice, right?  And then another friend posted this question:
I have to say that as soon as I read about Eve eating the apple and then offering it to Adam, I wondered how many people would not get to the main message. How many would judge Eve and even think, "Leave it to the woman to mess up and drag the man down with her." It's such a surface thought, but even I thought, "Why couldn't Adam have been the one to initiate the sin." 

Oh goodie! I love this remark!  Because Eve shows me just the opposite. Not the frailty of woman but instead her great leadership potential! I mean here is Adam who actually walked with God in the garden. He has all He needs, sees God, has no doubt, nothing to keep him apart from God. And along comes Eve and says here eat this, and does Adam say "no, let's not. God said not to." No, he didn't! He let's go of everything he has known and the very God he walked with and follows her suggestion! Now that is influential power of woman.
And if we think of it also, it was through another woman's (Mary's) obedience and "yes" to God that enabled God to bring us Christ, our Savior. And Mary is the only human being (other than the one who is also God, Jesus Christ) who rules in heaven! She is called Queen of heaven and earth, no other human being has such an honor.
So, it is not a matter of woman's weakness, but actually the great potential that lies within women (and in fact all humanity). Will we continue the life of slavery to our own sin, addiction and denial of God? Or will we embrace our new life in Christ and be able to conquer temptation in our own life?

Women have great leadership, we just need to be sure we're the woman saying yes to the angel and not the serpent!! ;-)  

Have a blessed Sunday!

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