Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your Hump Day Distractions

Here are a couple things to keep you smiling today!
1st - Family Funny ... we are witnessing a gorgeous sunset out our dining room windows (thank you God for our country home ... and the beginnings of Spring!)
and #1Son (8 yo) says with a nod of his head and a smile of satisfaction at the beauty, "Buckets."
"what did you say? Buckets?" I asked. He said,
"yeah, you know, like 'Holy Buckets!' because it's really pretty."

2nd - Look out for some doozies of posts coming in the next two weeks:
"Are We Effective or Affective?"
and "Christian Sex - Finding Real Satisfaction"
and "The Detriments of Giving Up TV for Lent ... Can I Come to Your House?"
... hehehe - fun, right? :-)
Now you need to pray I can conjure superhero powers to transport these posts from my brain to my computer! Where's that app???

3rd - Hike on over to our friends at The Guiding Star Project, because yours truly has a post up today that you won't want to miss!  Remember when I said on my Facebook status:
(psst ... If you are not following me on FB, you are missing out on serious fun times!
Anyway, I let the company have time to respond and you are going to be shocked. Go check it out on The Guiding Star Project blog today!

prayers and love!


  1. I posted this comment on the GSP website already, but just wanted to repost it here:

    I just wanted to thank you for being so courageous! What you did was small yet made a huge difference!!! I am a pharmacy student and work as an intern in a "pharmaceutical chain" (not walgreens). I have had to deal with all this Plan B crap for the past 3 first (when it was behind the counter) I didn't know what it REALLY does and also my Catholic faith wasn't as strong as it is now, so I just sold it to whoever asked for it and showed a valid ID. Then as my faith developed and as I read more articles and research about what birth control and emergency contraception really do, I stopped dispensing it. But working at a chain, you can't stop anybody from getting Plan B. It was easy money. It required no prescription. So another coworker who didn't have a problem with Plan B (and probably thought I was nuts) would just take over the cash register and sell it. Now that it went OUT of the pharmacy and onto the store shelves, I no longer have to face the dilemma and embarrassment when someone comes and asks for it, and I have to refuse. But it didn't solve the problem. A 12 year old can just walk into any major grocery store, supermarket, or pharmacy and pull it off the shelf. And I don't think anything is being done about it which is just OUTRAGEOUS and UNTHINKABLE. Anyways, I have a year left of rotations to graduate pharmacy school, then I'm hoping to get into a residency and become a clinical or hospital I no longer have to deal with dispensing birth control and answering questions about plan B. I really don't want to be a part of the Culture of Death...but I really want to be a pharmacist. And I'm Catholic, and residency it is! Residency programs in pharmacy are very limited in my state (Illinois) and thus very competitive to get into, so I really need prayers. I cannot and will not be a pharmacist at a chain retail pharmacy...I don't want to kill babies...I want to help sick people. So please pray that God opens the right doors and leads me in a direction in this field where I can promote LIFE and help the sick patients in need.

    1. Hey Agnes! My hubby is just finishing Pharmacy school and hopefully getting a residency where we're from in Albany NY - we will find out on the 21st. If you want to email about some of this stuff, let me know! It's a tough world, but we need Catholics everywhere. Are you thinking about a hospital career? I think in some ways they might be easier than drug stores on a daily basis for this stuff, but still frought with difficulties potentially. I will pray for you!

    2. Thank you Agnes! Prayers for you and for you LPatter and your hubby!

    3. Thanks LPatter! My dream dream is to be a clinical pediatric pharmacist or even a neonatal unit (NICU) pharmacist, but I know those positions are few and far between. I want to do a residency and then hopefully work as a clinical pharmacist, either in a hospital or clinic. I don't want to just be a regular hospital pharmacist that just checks IV bags all day...I want to do clinical stuff where I can interact with patients and doctors, and make interventions. I won't be applying for residency until later on this year but if I need any help, I will keep you in mind! Thanks!