Friday, March 7, 2014

That we could all have such a heart!

This post is a beautiful story about my brother and to honor my mother on her birthday!

My brother Stephen has Down Syndrome, he is 15. My mother took him recently to see the movie Son of God.

His reaction was so beautiful ... here's what my mother posted on Facebook:

"Son of God movie report -
intense, real, a bit more violence than I was comfortable with - especially the Romans against the people; took some liberties with the bible story, but I liked what they did. Mother Mary was very present, use of bread and wine as his body and blood was significant. Almost as much blood as passion of Christ. 
Wasn't sure how it was affecting Stephen. But after the show in the lobby he began preaching to everyone. The last scene was before the ascension when Jesus said to go out and tell the world. So Stephen did! Too bad we couldn't really understand except that Jesus was his brother. 
Then I thought how would this movie affect me if it was my brother up there?!  
That's what Stephen felt!!"

That we all could have such a heart of love, so open to God!
Stephen, brother of Jesus :-)


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