Monday, March 17, 2014

Speaking Of Women Knowing How To Love...

As #TinyDictator lies sleeping in my arms, #TwoYearOldKing napping in his bed, and the three big boys having "prayer time" (which consists of looking at the holy cards they have collected in their prayer boxes and saying a few prayers until the allotted time is complete so they can earn beans in our Lenten sacrifice jar), I have a few moments to sit quietly and reflect.
I just received a Happy St.Patrick's Day e-card from a sweet friend who always remembers to think of me and it made my day. And I thought - this is exactly what I meant in today's post! Women are so good at affirming love! In addition, just this past week I have gained two "prayer stalkers". (I use that term in the most affectionate way possible.) It's just, out of the blue I received a letter from a woman who had read my articles in The Courier and she said I am her new mission. She's going to pray for me and my family, especially my sick boys. The next day I received another sweet letter from her and some tea!
Two days after that I received another letter from a different woman! She said she is praying for our family and had Masses offered for us. Both said something to the effect of "no need to reply, just wanted you to know I'm praying for you!" It doesn't take much to show love, affirming love that expects nothing in return - but it makes such a difference.
Here's to you, woman made to love! That your feminine love might enrich the world around you! You are amazing ... just the way you are.  Aaaaaaand "prayer time" is over - commencing referee role again!
my first letter from my "prayer stalker" ;-)

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  1. That lighthouse card looks like one Grandpa Bob painted. So good to have prayer warriors!