Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting Personal, Miracles, Oil Paintings & Ashes

First, can I just say - wow. The response to my last post on suffering was and still is overwhelming. I am still getting responses about it! Whenever you post something personal, you immediately want to take it back - not knowing how others will respond and knowing it is something so close to your heart...

You responded with more love and affirmation than I could ever have imagined. That is so beautiful! Thank you so much

Secondly, just a little something about Miracles. In case you don't think miracles happen anymore:
- a friend of mine and her husband have been trying for 8 years to get pregnant, with no luck. She thought it was a final thing - that they could never get pregnant. Well, you guessed it - guess who is expecting a precious bundle of joy next September!! She says "miracles do happen!"

- a family member told us about their son who had a CT scan that showed a 15mm mass in his brain. They did an MRI and were waiting until this week to see what it was and know how they must proceed. They had everyone praying - and so did we (of course calling it a "special intention" to respect their privacy), and the results? A perfectly normal brain without any mass of any kind! Was it a fluke CT scan or did God remove the mass? Whatever it was - prayers were answered that their son has a perfectly healthy brain!

Miracles happen. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :-)

Thirdly, oil painting! You know my sons have a rare disease - my son Gregory and I entered the rare disease art contest! (You'll have to vote for us!)
But first just for fun, here's the progression of my piece:

I was having trouble capturing Damian that night...
ah, there he is!. And working on Louis' face freaked my boys out! Lol!

And finally, the completed piece!!

Here's Gregory's Entry:

Please READ Gregory's and my explanations too - his is so sweet!!

Finally, (ha! that's what happens when I can't get on the blog for over a week!) remember to share your #ashtag on Twitter and facebook!

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday!

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