Friday, February 14, 2014

Laugh of the Week & Valentine's Day!

Just for laughs ...

We're at the store and passing down the baking aisle when my 8 year old says,
"Mom, Lott's wife has been here" and laughs.
I turn around and - sure enough - there was a pile of salt on the floor.
Gotta love Catholic kids!

Valentine's Day!

1st - Remember to post your response to #WhatWomenNeed for Valentine's Day all over social media!

2nd -  what my sweet hubby made for me!

Can you believe the sweetness? He made it from scratch! Carved out the hearts out of wood and all the little holes and painted it - with the help of the munchkins of course! It holds my Keurig coffee cups! LOVE MY SWEETIE!!

Finally, take a HIKE over to our Friends at The Guiding Star Project to check out a Valentine's blog post by Yours Truly!


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