Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting a little Personal, Anniversaries & Spreading the New Feminism Love

Hey there, beautiful! Notice anything different around here? (Besides the fact that I’m actually writing a post! Ha!) We did a little beautifying and personalizing of the blog. Nothing creates procrastination faster during a busy time in your life than the pressure to meet a super high expectation you set for yourself.

With that in mind, we’re re-working things here. :-) We’re going to get a little personal. I’ll be writing more frequently, but shorter, reflective posts rather than the pressure of a spectacular post that will cover all audiences of all ranges.

So, what will you be getting? Well, a whole lotta entertaining, (hopefully) thought provoking, real life new feminism. Because let’s face it – this is new feminism: juggling faith with personal life (for me, married, with 5 sons, 3 have special needs), with career with the need to connect with other women with the desire to make a difference for others and to, you know, bring about world peace and stuff. ;-)

Yes, we’ll still have guest bloggers from time to time (and please forgive me, sweet dear friends, who so kindly wrote something and I have not yet found the time and place for it!! I do try to use everything that is sent to me – because every voice is important, we are all worthy of respect and dignity). We embrace all voices exactly because New Feminism is all about raising the dignity and value of all that is womanly and feminine! (So, please keep sending me your posts and thoughts! This is OUR conversation…)

Did you know that we are coming up to the 2nd Anniversary of this blog?! And over the course of two years the blog has been viewed 47,038 times as of 2/11/14 (edit: my friend said it's important to point out that this has been a 1-2 times/ month post blog :-) - so not daily posts). And 2,168 of those were in the last month (when we didn't even have a post). We are an internationally viewed blog! Women all over the globe are looking for New Feminism! All time hit stats of Top Ten countries with the highest hits:
US – 26,550
Ukraine – 5,108
China – 2,649
United Kingdom – 1,365
Canada – 1,223
Germany – 924
Australia – 660
France – 436
Russia – 349
Poland – 240

Finding the right place for women in society and doing so with and through her beautiful femininity and feminine genius (and not over its destruction) is on the heart of so many throughout the globe!

So, congratulations and happy anniversary to all of our readers and new feminists! I look forward to many more years of blogging and hearing back from you!

Also, did you know that this month is the 1st anniversary of my book launch?! Happy Anniversary to Woman How Great Thou Art! If you haven’t read it yet, see the link to the right!

If you want to know why I’ve been so distracted lately, you can read our CaringBridge site (see the link at the bottom of this page).

Thank you for reading and hanging in there with me! As you can see also, we are working on new items on the site (like how to book me to speak in your town/ parish/ diocese – so exciting!). My heart is full – I feel like I’ve gotten emotionally body-slammed lately, but the future is bright and beautiful!

Yours truly,

ps - as always, I love to hear your thoughts! Share your comments below! xoxo, Theresa 

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