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Another take ... Kindness of a Shepherd ...

This was just a beautiful piece as a personal interest story from the Shrine. It approaches it in a different manner than my last post, but it's wonderful!

Check it out!


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Perfect Storm of Love - Special Child, Cardinal Burke, & Our Lady of Guadalupe

Most of you have heard the story, but just to catch those up to speed who haven't… A little over a year ago on August 3, 2013, our eldest son made his First Holy Communion at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, WI. We were so blessed that he had the honor of receiving his 1st Communion from His Eminence, Cardinal Burke. Cardinal Burke was the bishop of La Crosse when my husband was in seminary (that's another story!) and he ordained my husband's brother, Fr. Sam Martin. He is a very personable man, even always remembers our names.
After the Mass last year, our second son Louis (pronounced loo-ee) was quite upset that he couldn't receive his first Communion that day. When His Eminence came around to greet the families, he saw Louis and asked about him. Telling him why Louis was upset, Cardinal Burke then said, "Don't worry, your first Communion will come soon enough!" And instead of pulling away in a shy manner, Louis grabbed onto his robes and sobbed into them. Cardinal Burke so very gently embraced him as he cried. My mother captured the epic moment on camera:

That was a moment we will treasure forever! We had planned for Louis to receive his first Communion this Advent from his godfather and uncle, Fr. Sam, and then we saw that Cardinal Burke would be back to the Shrine this December!
So, in my feminine boldness, I asked - knowing it probably wouldn't work out, but just on the chance it could - if His Eminence would be able to give Louis his first Communion while in town. His secretary responded saying that of course His Eminence remembered that touching moment with Louis and he would be honored to give Louis his First Holy Communion at the Shrine!
We were so excited! It worked out that the best day was on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - December 12 … it turned out to be such a wonderful and blessed day despite the drizzly weather! Here are some photos and reflections from the celebration…

Louis praying before Mass began.
As much as we were overjoyed to have this opportunity, anything where Louis is involved is uncertain. He has a very rare disease (CAPS/ NOMID - there is a link to our CaringBridge site at the bottom of the blog) that went misdiagnosed for the first five years of his life. Not only has this little man suffered more in his short life than most do in a lifetime, it has left him very, very VERY passionate. When he reacts, he reacts big. When he loves, he loves with overwhelming tenderness and affection. When he gets upset, it is very hard for him not to have an emotional breakdown. He's aware of it, though, and has been working on 'how to calm down' and explaining his little victories to us…such a sweet boy.
Before Mass began, Grandma and Grandpa Martin were able to join us, too!
With an event like this though, I knew he was excited, nervous and just a little buzzing from all the emotion and energy of the moment. Needless to say, my alert for his "emotional triggers" was on high. I was extra careful not to be short with him, but not overly encouraging either. You have to walk that fine line in the middle - just enough encouragement and calm corrections if needed.
I love this photo. It was taken right after the procession. It's just - our life - complete with 3yo sucking his thumb and 6 year old with fingers in his ears! lol! I guess he didn't like the song. 

I think Louis is contemplating the amazing dome above our heads in this one! (Either that or praying to get out of the suit!)
Of course, then he had to begin leaning over the aisle to touch the shiny bronze grate that is attached to the side of the pew. Like a moth to the flame, he couldn't help himself. I let it go once and even twice, but I took a deep breath knowing that I couldn't allow him to be hanging over into the center aisle of the Church. I also knew such a correction could bring a strong reaction, but it couldn't be helped. 
I asked him to stop and when he didn't I switched places with him. He began to kick the kneeler in anger and kept pushing me. I prayed. I prayed so hard that God would help him control this passion and let this moment be full of His grace. We stood for the Gospel (read: I had to hold his arm to keep him in a standing position) and I just looked at the beautiful image of Christ above the altar, pouring out his love from the cross of salvation. I prayed, "Lord, I know you love us and you love Louis. I want to offer you all my suffering this day for extra grace for him, but I know you don't need it! You can pour out your love and grace on him regardless. And I beg you as a child to show us this favor - cover him with your grace and love! Let the struggle fall to me if it needs to be placed anywhere, but show him mercy, sweet Lord!"
The Gospel ended and we all sat down. As I gathered up Emmanuel (3yo) on my lap, (which was humorous in itself with my pregnant belly getting bigger, he kept sliding off what was left of my lap!), I felt my left arm being wrapped in a hug. I looked down to see Louis leaning his head on my shoulder and holding onto my arm. He looked up at me, 
"I'm sorry, mom, I love you!" My heart and all my anxiety melted away, "I love you, too" I responded kissing his forehead and then I lifted my tearful eyes back up to the cross and with all my heart I prayed "Thank you!"
The Mass progressed peacefully after that, Louis even got a "shout out" from Cardinal Burke during his homily (so lovely!). Then I could tell Louis was getting nervous. He kept asking "When do I go?" and "Where do I kneel again?" He began making me nervous! So, again, I just prayed. You know how you wait and wait for a special moment and then it arrives and you just so want it to go perfectly, but of course you don't really have control - so it's almost like you are viewing a movie unfolding before your eyes, just praying for the right outcome!
The time did come and Louis went up and knelt at the Communion rail. His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, came forward, altar server at his side, and presented Louis with the Holy Eucharist. Louis received and then with the utmost reference and control he made the most beautiful sign of the cross he has ever made (just like he promised he would). :-)

Our dear Louis Francois, receiving his First Holy Communion. Later he told me that when he looked in Cardinal Burke's eyes he felt like he was going to cry, "but I made sure I didn't," he said, "I don't even know why, mom, just something about him."

His beautifully reverent Sign of the Cross.
His Eminence's gentleness came through again as Louis just stayed there. Cardinal Burke leaned forward and said with a loving smile, "You can go back to your seat now, Louis."
A beautiful conclusion to the story that begun a year ago … or perhaps just a beginning … 

After we all received and returned to our pew, we knelt to pray. Gregory leaned in front of me (practically knocking me over) to reach Louis. (And it was Gregory who had tears this time!) He embraced Louis and with tears leaking from his eyes he said, "Congratulations, Louis! I'm so happy for you!" Louis just smiled.
Thank you, Lord!

What a wonderful and blessed day!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

The Martin Boys (minus the #TinyDictator)

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Rediscovering Womanhood - the great gift and privilege of being a woman

Originally posted at The Courier

    For most people, it was just another Saturday, but for the women attending the Diocese of Winona’s first annual women’s conference on New Feminism, it was a moment. Have you ever had a moment? When something occurs in your life that changes your perspective, that influences your mind and heart in a profound way? A certain talk, a scripture verse, a conversation, a hike in the wilderness, a pilgrimage, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one – it is a moment when it’s as if God touches down and imprints that experience into our hearts and we are forever changed.
   I was overwhelmed by God’s work at the conference. I am truly humbled to be a small piece of this proclamation of the great dignity of womanhood. We had our plan for the day and God had His. I had hoped that we could share the truth about womanhood, counteracting the negative attitude towards the feminine in our culture, and that this would be an educational conference. God had other plans.
   Truth in Christ is not to be underestimated. Jesus promised, "If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32) To be set free is a powerful moment!
   Women are under pressure to redefine themselves in a secular view. They are told they must be more assertive, be successful in their careers, use contraception, control and discipline their bodies, and work against those nurturing, maternal inclinations. It’s a heavy chain to bear when you are trying to change yourself to fit another’s standard.
   What freedom came when women heard the truth of their great dignity as women! Affirming the truth that has been crying out from their hearts, they can let go of the chains of society’s view and embrace their womanhood, a great gift from God.
   God brought everyone together – all ages, all states in life, all celebrating the privilege of being a woman! What a gift it was to hear Sr. Marie Paul Lockerd, RSM share about how the cycles of fertility in a woman’s body were important even for the consecrated religious woman! She offered the insight that when a consecrated woman offers the gift of her very self to God, the fertility and emotional cycles are not lost on her, but instead become an aid to her spiritual life of prayer, service and living out her spiritual motherhood in the world.
   I would like to thank all those who helped to make this such a meaningful day! Thank you – all of you! – who prayed for us throughout the planning process and the day itself! Thank you to all who attended the conference! Thank you to Tisha Frost our M.C, Leah Jacobson and Eileen Love, our speakers, and those who came to share their ministries with women! Thank you to the women from St. Augustine parish who selflessly served the conference attendees all day! Thank you to those from the pastoral center who helped pack bags and folders! Thank you to Sr. Paul Mary, director of the Office of Faith Formation! Thank you to Bishop Quinn, without whose support these events would never take place! And a great thank you to our Almighty God – His Word continues to set us free in truth.
   We will definitely have more events in the future, including a Lenten retreat day for women! Indeed, I am in awe of you. You set aside time to seek God in your busy lives. You take time to encourage one another and bring the truth to your friends. You live out your daily lives in hope and knowledge of this truth. This is not easy! We all face struggles every day in the mundane tasks. We could choose to be burdened by the challenges, and find an "easier way.” Yet, we choose Christ! We choose to follow Him and we find hope in the challenges and beauty in our femininity. We have set the course; we are putting our hands to the plow and not looking back. In Christ alone do we find our truth of ourselves, let us never lose sight of His face! Let us always seek to find His will for our lives, as women, as daughters of the King!

So many attendees shared their experiences! Here are just a few of their quotes:
"Everything has changed for me. God has healed my heart in such a deep way. Please keep sharing! Please keep having more events like this!”

"I was bitter and angry coming here, and I just had to tell you, I found my joy of motherhood again! Thank you so much!”

"For decades I’ve been holding onto pain – only realized today how I need to give it to God, to allow Him to make me whole. Thank you for encouraging me to come. I needed to be here.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Come to the New Feminism Conference! November 8th!

Hello! It's been crazy few weeks (read more on my Facebook page or on our CaringBridge site about that!), but if you live anywhere near southern Minnesota, driving over for the day for this New Feminism Conference will totally be worth the effort!! Here's my article explaining it (first posted in The Courier.)

Why Should You Attend the New Feminism Conference?
What treasure of truth, what gift of feminine fellowship awaits you at the Diocese of Winona's New Feminism Conference? Register today!

First of all, it is going to be an inspiring, enlightening, and exciting day! Over the past few years, since the introduction of the women’s study program, ENDOW (Educating On the Nature and Dignity Of Women), women have been coming in large numbers to our events.

The Holy Spirit has been moving in the hearts of the women of the Diocese of Winona, and it is because of this great response that this wonderful conference day is a possibility!

Yet, what about the term "new feminism”? Isn't the Church against "feminism”? It seems the term "feminism” has been soiled by radical feminism. Women hear "feminism” and they think of men-haters, bra-burners, abortion-banner-toting, anti-mothering, masculine women. Yet, did you know that the very first feminists at the turn of the century and in the early 1900s were all pro-life, pro-women and very pro-motherhood? Louisa May Alcott, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Dorothy Day, Dr. Charlotte Denman Lozier, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Mary Wollstonecraft (just to name a few! the list is extensive!) were all very pro-life!

It was only during the 1960s and the Sexual Revolution that women’s equality/ freedom began to be equated with sexual equality and so-called sexual freedom. That theme has so permeated our culture that it is the underlying message being pushed through many "woman's issues” even now. Radical feminism believed women’s bodily femininity was holding her back in life. So, in their minds, for a woman to be free she must rid herself of gender. "The pill” was the first step in achieving this. For radical feminism, equality means sameness. For a woman to be equal to a man she must be just like a man.

Ah, but this is the point! The point exactly! When Pope St. John Paul II called for women to promote a "New Feminism,” he saw the beautiful gift of femininity! He recognized the great need culture had for more of women’s involvement in leadership roles. He gave womanhood such a high level of dignity that when he saw the damage radical feminism was doing, he sought to change direction.

Reading through his Letter to Women and his apostolic letter On The Dignity and Vocation of Women, you see that he recognizes the disadvantage women have had in the past, and even in some instances, directly apologizes for it. He also affirms the great gift women are to the Church and to the world. Yet, he sees that we must continue to affirm her great dignity so that she is not slighted yet again. This is why he calls for a "New Feminism.”

New Feminism promotes equality among men and women not because we are the same but because we are unique! There can be an equality in dignity and yet unique in characteristics. Think about different cultures. Is each culture only equal in dignity when they are exactly the same? For shame! What would the world be like without authentic Belgium chocolate or Italian espresso? Or even American hotdogs?
Yet, our current society would have us believe that women must be just like men in order to be free. They say that we must stop our fertility, mutilate our bodies, say no to children and that "weaker” choice of motherhood and then, only then can women be equal to men. The Church disagrees. Our society knows this, too, and works deliberately to undermine the Church’s authority in women’s issues, attempting to push the Church to the peripheral. Yet the truth will win; the truth always wins, because it resonates in the hearts of women.

This is why we have had packed rooms at all of our events! This is why women keep asking for more events and more knowledge! You know that what you have been told doesn’t quite sit right with you, but you don’t know how to put your finger on it.

This is why you must come join us on November 8! Pope St. John Paul II said that women’s role in changing society is pivotal and when women can embrace this new feminism (one that elevates women because of her femininity not over its destruction), then women will transform society!

Many women don’t even know what the Church actually says about women; others know, but want to understand it better; and still others want to know what they can do about it to begin that transformation. Wherever you are in that spectrum, this New Feminism Conference has what you are looking for. With a track for teenage girls (junior high on up is invited - bring your daughters!), and three different tracks for women, you can find the talks that interest you. And there will be prizes & speakers being flown in just for you – you are going to love it!
Our events are fun, educational and inspiring! Can't wait to see you there!

Come, spend a day with us in Austin, MN at St. Augustine Church, and unlock the truth that is burning inside you! You are enough, just as you are! You are beautiful in your femininity! You are precious because of your womanhood! God loves you just as you are – you are so beautiful to Him! Sr. Paul Mary and I cannot wait to see YOU there! Register here: 

The registration deadline is October 25! The sooner you register, the more likely you are able to choose your preferred tracks!

I do hope you can make it!

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Choosing Life Over Fear ...

Some have asked how could we make the decision to be open to more children knowing that any future child has a 50% chance of having the same extremely rare disease our other children have.  Here is my response:   (Originally published in The Courier.)

Sympathy and Love. More than anything else, married couples and families need sympathy and love from their friends and especially from their brothers and sisters in Christ. God never said He gives you the ability to discern what’s best for someone else’s family. We have grace only to discern our own and we have no idea what another person or family is going through. Simply showing sympathy and love can do more than endless conversations on faith.
Life can be difficult; it can be challenging; it can even feel like everything is collapsing at times. Yet, where do we put our faith? Life can sometimes be a struggle because of finances. It can seem, that no matter what you do, it is never enough. Why would you even think about bringing a child into this situation if you can barely keep up with yourselves or the children you have now? Is it worth the risk?
Forget money; let’s talk about sanity! Children demand so much of your time, your energy, and your whole self. How will you mentally survive being a parent of another child? What if you have a breakdown and can’t care for any of them? Is it worth the risk?
Personally, we have had an interesting year ourselves. Finding out that not only one son, but three have an extremely rare, incurable disease, is hard enough. Realizing that it is genetic is even more difficult. It means that any child we might have in the future would have a 50% chance of having this same disease. That means that a future child has a 50% chance of having to undergo medical tests and doctor visits every six months of his life, get injections of medicine every single day, and endure extensive pain. Is it worth the risk?
Is it?
All of life is risk. There is a risk every time you walk out the front door, get in your car, ride a plane. There is a risk every time you love someone, trust someone, give a gift to someone. There is a risk every time you learn something, build something, try something new. Yet, we are encouraged to overcome fear in life. We hear "believe in yourself”, "just do it”, "if you can dream it, you can achieve it”, "travel the world”, and "overcome your fear”. Yet, when it comes to family, it feels like it’s all "whoa, Nelly!” and putting on the brakes. You don’t want to be that crazy!
If a couple prayerfully discerns a call to be open to life again or for the first time, would it be crazy to trust God? Do we believe God loves us or not? Do we believe God will help us and give us the grace we need every day or not? There comes a time in a couples’ life that only they can discern what God is calling them to.
We have chosen to walk in God, to walk in life! We are expecting our next precious child on March 29, 2015. This child might not be perfect, but that makes him or her no less precious in the eyes of God. Disease or not, healthy or not, life is precious. My children have brought me joy, worry, love, overwhelming happiness, but mostly, they have brought me to my knees – right where I need to be: in God’s hands.
The fear of what we might lose or might go wrong should never direct our actions. Let self-giving love direct your actions. Let self-giving love guide your thoughts and decisions. Let this love soften your heart to give sympathy and not judgment to other couples and families, whether they have a few children, many or none at all. None of us can know the heart of another except for God. Let us choose life over fear, to choose to live in God and trust Him. He will never forsake you.

- See more at:

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Did you miss my Radio interview? Here it is!

Hey folks!

I was on Radio Maria's show "Outside the Box" hosted by Vicki Thorn on August 15, 2014 speaking about raising a child with chronic illness. If you missed it live, here is the link to hear that interview again!

There are four segments. The first two are an introduction to our family and the particular disease that my son(s) have CAPS/NOMID.

Also in the second and third segments, I reflect on motherhood and how one copes with the chronic illness of their child. (What if you don't want to carry that cross?! Can a mother ever really "let go"??)

In the last segment, I answer the questions about our new baby (due in March). Why would we chance having another child when the baby has a 50% chance of having the same genetic disease as three of his or her brothers?

It's an interview of pain, love and much hope!



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On the Radio at 10am Today!

Tune in at 10am this morning to hear me discuss the struggle of having a child (or children) with chronic illness. I'll be a guest on Vicki Thorn's show, Outside the Box.

If you don't have Radio Maria locally, you can listen live online!

And I only got choked up once! ;-)

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Friday of NFP Week!

Last day for prizes on Simcha's blog!

And here's another pic for you!

I'd do more, but I'm giving a talk tonight on Edith Stein and might need to prep for it! ;-)

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NFP - Not just for Married Ladies, it's FOR EVERY WOMAN! - Wednesday of NFP Awareness Week

Isn't this fun?!

When we say "Natural Family Planning" what do you think of?

Do you think of a couple planning their family? What about a single woman? Does this mean anything to her? Oh! I'm so glad you brought that up!! Because NaProTechnology based on FertiltyCare designed at the Pope Paul VI Institute using the same science as natural family planning, aims at caring for the woman and actually solving the problems she is experiencing.

Are you one of the many women (between 12 and 50 years of age) who has been to your obstetrician/ gynecologist with recurrent ovarian cysts, menstrual cramps, long and irregular cycles, irregular bleeding, Polycystic ovarian disease and/ or other conditions related to menstrual and fertility cycles? Has your doctor given you birth control pills to treat your symptoms? Have you felt frustrated after that because the doctor did not actually do any testing to find out what the cause of the problem was? Did you feel like you had only received a Band-Aid?

Are you a woman who has infertility problems and frustration with referring you to IVF without trying to find out what caused the infertility?

Are you a woman who experiences significant mood swings, premenstrual syndrome or just a feeling that your hormones are "all wacked out"? Did your doctor listen to your concerns or just prescribe either birth control pills, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications without evaluating your hormones or doing anything to find out what was wrong? Maybe you experienced post-partum depression only to be treated with anti-depressants which are slow to work, make you feel drugged and never return you to normal. (You were probably never told about a hormone therapy that brings rapid relief in 95% of cases!)

So many women with these and other complaints related to menstrual and fertility cycles have felt dissatisfied or frustrated or even abandoned when trying to seek help.

Great NEWS!!! You are not alone! and - THERE IS HOPE! There are answers to your problems! And it comes from the science of Natural Family Planning! (Ra! Ra! #NFPWeek2014!)

NaProTECHNOLOGY uses the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System and it is a science that actually listens to women. Instead of suppressing and destroying, it works cooperatively with a woman's cycle. It is this that allows this new science to unleash the power that exists in a woman's cycle. This power is one of knowledge, understanding and medical application.

It approaches problem solving by looking for the underlying problem. It approaches patients by listening to them! It approaches treatment by working toward eliminating the cause or the disease which is causing the symptoms.

There is hope now! And it all comes from the science of NFP! The above information is from the book every woman needs to read: "The NaProTechnology Revolution: Unleashing the Power in a Woman's Cycle" by Thomas W. Hilgers, MD

Prepare to be blown away! Oh yeah, and go enter to win some more FREE stuff on Simcha's blog!

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Day 3 - The Pill SMACKDOWN - NFP Awareness Week! Tambien les dejo la versión en español

Tuesday of NFP Awareness Week!

And yesterday I posted the beginning of the Smackdown I gave on the Pill in response to an editorial about how the pill has benefited society. Here is the piece in its entirety (since some of you have asked to just include the entire thing on the same post!).

I've included the original and translated version (en Español)!

have a great day!! (oh, also after the Pill Smackdown piece I reposted the graphic from yesterday - there was a typo! oops! :-)  AND there is a link to SIMCHA Fisher's NFP Week GIVE-AWAY! SO MANY PRIZES!!! DO IT!)

Dear editor,
The column by Susan Reimer:Society has benefited from birth control once again exposes society’s blindness. Let’s open a few eyes with facts. Hormonal contraceptives are listed by the World Health Organization as Class 1 carcinogen for breast, liver, and cervical cancers.[1] It is listed right alongside arsenic, asbestos, silica dust, and tobacco. Another chemical in Depo Provera (the shot) is depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) which has been linked with a 2.2 increase in breast cancer.[2]

It also causes weight gain, deep vein thromboses (blood clots), hepatocellular adenomas (liver tumors), and strokes. It can quite literally kill you by just taking the prescribed dose. All while lowering woman’s libido![3]

The pill ages the cervix. This is one reason why pill use can lead to infertility (and why the contraceptive industry fuels the multi-billion dollar infertility industry).[4] The pill also changes her chemistry& cellular function as to make a woman more susceptible to getting HIV/AIDS and other STDs.[5]

Divorce is down and family life is elevated when a woman uses a natural method (Natural Family Planning (NFP), 99.5% effective) rather than hormonal contraception. This is not the rhythm method, but scientifically designed to naturally understand woman’s fertility.[6]

How can we say woman is equal when we first force her to rid herself of her fertility (medicinally and surgically) before she is allowed to participate in society? Women have “come so far”, but at what cost? It is not woman, but a genderless creature, femininity and fertility subdued. Is it feminism to say women ought to be like men? Taking hormonal contraceptives can actually make women’s brains like men’s – more compartmentalized, less relational.[7] That’s not elevating woman; that is turning her into a man.

In short, enough is enough. Women don’t want to have to become men to play the game in society. We want a society that truly elevates woman in all her glorious femininity. We don’t want to play the game, we want to change the rules. We need a NEW FEMINISM.

(My sincere thanks to Rosa Maria (from Peru!) for the following Spanish translation!)

En respuesta a la columna de Susan Reimer "La sociedad se ha beneficiado de control de la natalidad"
La Columna de Susan Reimer apareció en la Winona Daily News, y he presentado esta carta al editor en respuesta. Sabiendo que podría ser severamente editado a pesar de mis fuentes (o no publicada en absoluto), se las dejo aquí también. (Tenía que responder en 350 palabras o menos - no hay mucho espacio así que esto es lo que elegí como los puntos más importantes.)

Estimado editor,
La columna de Susan Reimer: “La sociedad se ha beneficiado de control de la natalidad”, una vez más expone la ceguera de la sociedad. Vamos a abrir algunos ojos con hechos. Los anticonceptivos hormonales son listados por la Organización Mundial de la Salud como agente cancerígeno de clase 1 para la mama, el hígado y el cáncer de cuello uterino. [1] Se enumera justo al lado del arsénico, asbestos, polvo de sílice, y el tabaco.

Otro producto químico que forma parte del Depo Provera (la inyección) es acetato de depo-medroxiprogesterona (DMPA) que es relacionado con un aumento del 2,2 en el cáncer de mama. [2]
También causa aumento de peso, la trombosis venosa profunda (coágulos de sangre), adenomas hepatocelulares (tumores hepáticos) y derrames cerebrales. Literalmente, puede matar con sólo tomar una dosis prescrita. Todo al mismo tiempo que reduce el libido de la mujer! [3]

La píldora envejece el cuello uterino. Esta es una razón por la cual el uso de la píldora puede causar infertilidad (y el por qué la industria anticonceptiva alimenta la multi billonaria industria de la infertilidad). [4] La píldora también cambia su función química y celular haciendo que la mujer sea más susceptible a contraer el VIH / SIDA y otras enfermedades de transmisión sexual. [5]

Los rangos de divorcio bajan y la vida familiar es elevada cuando una mujer usa un método natural (Planificación Familiar Natural (PFN), que tiene un 99,5% de efectividad) en lugar de la anticoncepción hormonal. Este no es el método del ritmo, más bien es un método científicamente diseñado para comprender de forma natural la fertilidad de la mujer. [6]

¿Cómo podemos hablar de la igualdad de la mujer cuando primero la obligamos a librarse de su fertilidad (medicinalmente y quirúrgicamente) antes de que se le permitiera participar en la sociedad? Las mujeres “han llegado tan lejos", pero ¿a qué costo? Ya no es mujer, sino una criatura sin género, con una feminidad y fertilidad sometida. ¿Es feminista decir que las mujeres deberían ser como los hombres?. Tomar anticonceptivos hormonales puede realmente hacer que los cerebros de las mujeres sean como la de los hombres - más compartimentada, menos relacional [7] Esta no es la manera de elevar a una mujer; por el contrario esto es convertirla en un hombre.

Resumiendo, ya es suficiente!, Las mujeres no quieren convertirse en hombres para jugar un papel en la sociedad. Nosotras queremos una sociedad que realmente eleve a la mujer en toda su gloriosa femineidad. No queremos participar en ese juego, queremos cambiar las reglas. NECESITAMOS UN NUEVO FEMINISMO.