Monday, January 14, 2013

Be Not Afraid! It IS Worth it!

Be Not Afraid! - It IS Worth it!

In a political environment as exists today, it is much more comfortable (at least for those of us who cringe at conflict) to just observe, to give our opinion only to like-minded friends and to say "heck with it" to the rest of the world. Yep, that is more comfortable. It is definitely easier. You don't have to worry about hammering out your arguments with those who disagree with you nor try not to take it personally when they attack you.  You don’t have to wonder how to forge a new line of thought that takes you in a peaceful direction.  You wouldn’t have to worry about being labeled with unkind and untruthful stigmas.
I mean really, who would you convince anyway?  Why bother about speaking out against the popular trend of idea (however wrong it may be)?  If you know you are living your life exactly how you think best, then why bother?  Is it even worth it?
Well, is it?
Maybe not.  But is that really the right question?  What if you did decide to speak out?  What if you took a small risk?  What if in all the negative feedback that you might receive during your lifetime, what if just one, just one person was affected positively?  Would that be worth it?
I think it is.  (Oh, I know, I can just see the shocked expression on your face! ;-)  You know why?  Because despite the loud, prominent voice of those you may not agree with, there are tens of thousands of people who have never heard your point of view to even consider it.  When it comes to New Feminism, so many women look at me in a disgusted shock when I explain the thought and history of the feminist movements and why Pope John Paul II found it necessary to call for a New Feminism.  They had never heard that before; they had never heard it that way, and that made sense to them.  Something clicked and they saw the topic in an entirely new light.
This is why I wrote Woman How Great Thou Art.  It’s not easy to write a book, but even more difficult (at least for me!) to know that now everyone else gets a chance to read it and critique it according to their understanding.  There is a strange sudden impulse at times to go climb under a rock and not have to face any of it … ever.  Yet, the Holy Spirit inspired many different authors in the Bible to tell us: do not be afraid!  That line appears more than 350 times throughout the Bible – God must have meant it!  St. Augustine had a beautiful line about truth: “The Truth is like a lion.  You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose. It will defend itself.”

There is more that women can have than what they are getting from our culture.  Yet, they do not know about it.  However, when you take the time to speak (non-judgmentally, embracing-not-condemningly) with them, you only have to open the door.  The truth is out there … and indeed in here (okay, pretend you can see me pointing to my own heart).  Something seems untrue about disconnecting men from their very own children when women are deciding about abortion.  Something seems off to cheer “I had an abortion.  Do you really need to inconvenience yourself for the next 18 years?” (as an actually pro-abortion image stated.)  No woman ever regrets having her child, but there are so very many who regret the ones they never had.  A woman might not be able to verbalize it; she may not even be able to begin to pinpoint why it makes her slightly uneasy, but open that door slightly (even just slightly!) to the truth of her glorious womanhood as God had planned for her, and truly – the Truth will be let loose and defend itself!
This is why we must not be afraid; we must stand with courage, walking ever onward in our march of New Feminism.  We are not to belittle, use nasty language nor alienate anyone.  We are not to judge others or use “us and them” attitudes; instead, we are here to love and to open that door and let the lion of Truth loose.  God is preparing us for something that is nearly upon us.  We do not know when, but we know it is coming.  He needs courageous women who are not afraid to seek the truth and share it with others.
It will not be easy.  Speaking out when most of “popular” thought disagrees with you is never “easy”, but it IS worth it.  And let us always remember that courage is not the lack of fear, but doing what we know we ought to do despite it.  If you feel afraid, nervous, or just nauseated by the political scene, I totally get you!  One thing you can take heart in is that we can speak to women one on one.  We do not have to fight the “political battle”.  Instead, we just share with one woman at a time.  We can take courage knowing that we will always be loving, kind and compassionate in our words; we will build women up, not break things down.

So, as the Bible and Blessed John Paul II often reminded us, “Be not afraid!”  Be courageous!  Take heart!  God has opened a door for you and it is a door that no one can shut.  God’s Truth is at your side and with Him, there is indeed nothing to fear.  People may disappoint you.  People may attempt to belittle you and minimize your words.  Don’t you dare give them a second thought.  Shake it off like a wisp of a leaf that fell on your shoulder.  Let it fall to the ground.  You can be confident in your kindness, confident in your love for women and the truth, and confident in God.  Steadily, persistently, slowly marching onward … nothing can stop what God has put in motion, and watch out, I think I hear that Lion roaring …

your friendly new feminist,


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Well, that’s my view of it and I welcome yours!  (Please comment below!  And please use initials or first name or even pseudonym instead of simply “anonymous” so we can have some way to distinguish each person in the discussion.  Thank You!)

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

a New Year, a New Feminism … the Time is Now

New Year, New Feminism - the Time is Now

Wow, it has been a while since I have been able to post anything and so much has been happening!  The most beautiful thing is this little baby growing within me; however, this treasure has also been the reason for my absence.  That first trimester really kicked my touche!  Making a baby sure can be hard work … but I am pleased (relieved!) to say that (knock on wood!) the nausea has seemed to finally (finally! boy was it awful!) pass. Phew! 

There is so much that I wish to share with you!  (God willing I will be able to have the health to return to my weekly blog posts.)  So, now, where do I start?  Well, being the New Year – let’s start with that.  I have been reading other bloggers posting about their word of the New Year.  Do you have a word for your year?  I understand it to be a theme, a focus point, something to specifically work on this year.  Some said “patience,” others “faith” and still others “efficiency,” “trust,” “order,” and even “temperance!”  (Wow! These women are pounding out the virtues! The main blogger that posted about it was Dwija Borobia; you can be add some laughter to your life by checking out her blog at HouseUnseen)  But when I searched my heart, trying to get a sense of what my theme for the year would be no word came to mind.  Instead, I got a phrase, “the time is now.”

Feeling slightly like I was in the Field of Dreams, I shrugged, ‘time for what?  Why now?  How can I move on something that I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it?’  I can almost hear “Annie” saying, “This is a very non-specific voice you've got out there, Ray, and he's really starting to piss me off.”  No, I’m not hearing voices from heaven; just little whispers of thoughts in my mind.  Yet, the phrase stuck and keeps reoccurring.  My husband even used it when talking about our family’s plans for the year.  That’s when I thought, ‘okay!  I got it.  I’ll accept it.  But what do I do with it?’

It’s a sense of anticipation and urgency, a sense of peaceful persistence.  It can truly be applied to many areas of my life, but I see it especially here in the area of New Feminism.  It’s not a frantic, chaotic clamoring, but a steady onward marching.  It is a sense that this is a marathon, but we must keep moving forward, because something is about to break.  We are on the precipice of a change; it is an edge over which is not an abyss.  We will not plummet to our deaths (aren’t you relieved?); no, we will step and we will be lifted up.  We will be lifted up above the chaos, above the politics, above the propaganda where we can still reach people’s hearts.

From the distance it just looks like a cliff, and we might be tempted to hold back, to get distracted with other things going on in our lives … but, sister (and brothers!), we must steadily keep moving forward!  There is a window of opportunity before us; I do not know what it will look like nor how it will unfold (the voice didn’t tell me that… ;-) lol!).  What I do know is that the Time is Now.

Have you heard that my book is now available in paperback?! Go to to order.  It says “out of stock” only because the first shipment hasn’t arrived there yet, but it is expected there tomorrow.  So, if you order it today, you should have it within a week!

There is a Small Group Discussion Guide in the paperback version as well as a bonus chapter!  This bonus chapter gives you ideas of what YOU can do to continue this march forward in New Feminism!

PLUS! The paperback version also received the bishop's Imprimatur!  Check it!  Officially approved - phew!  That's my "I'm not a heretic!" face. :-)  Aren't I cute?

I am also very excited at the feedback I have had thus far on the book!  I have been having discussions with women from all backgrounds, various religions and it is so fascinating.  I look forward to sharing those thoughts with you as well.  I truly believe (my personal theory) that despite our many differences there does exist a common understanding of womanhood within every woman that is self inherent.  As I continue my dialogue with these fascinating ladies, I will let you know if that theory holds out.

For now, suffice it to say: I’m back!  Please check out Woman, How Great Thou Art and let me know what you think!  And finally, I will be adding another post later this week about the many exciting things going on in the New Feminism Movement right now that you can get plugged into to help us all keep moving forward … the Time is Now!

your friendly new feminist,

Well, that’s my view of it and I welcome yours!  (Please comment below!  And please use initials or first name or even pseudonym instead of simply “anonymous” so we can have some way to distinguish each person in the discussion.  Thank You!)

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