Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embracing my Feminine Genius!

Embracing my Feminine Genius!

Well, your favorite blogger ;-) is beginning another new adventure!

Here's a video to fill you in!  (Make sure to watch it until the end!  That's where the big secret is revealed!)

Yes, I know, many of you have seen it already on Facebook, but for those who haven't ... Enjoy!

Here's To Love!

Oh! & Stay tuned! my book, "Woman, How Great Thou Art" will be released in eBook format soon!  There have been a few delays ... of course!  Patience! :-)
 (Paperback coming in January!)

Well, that’s my view of it and I welcome yours!  (Please comment below!  And please use initials or first name or even pseudonym instead of simply “anonymous” so we can have some way to distinguish each person in the discussion.  Thank You!)

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  1. Beautiful! What a testament to love! God Bless your family! (Cried when you announced baby number 5! We are pregnant with baby number three due in June too! Congratulations! And I am so excited for your book!! Thank you for being such a strong voice for the true dignity of women!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessie! We'll pray for each other then during these pregnancies! :-)