Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy, Busy! Stay Tuned!!!

I have been missing you!  I have many half-written articles waiting and begging for me to return to them and complete them, but I have not been able to get back to it yet.

But I will THIS WEEKEND!  Stay tuned for "Why the World NEEDS Feminine Women" and "Queenship of Mary: what the Catholic Church really thinks of Women" and "I am Woman, LET Me Roar!"

In the meantime, check out this GREAT article, by Leah Jacobson, foundress of The Guiding Star Project.

The Clash of the Catholic Feminists

You can click on the title to link to the full article, here are some excerpts:

"After reading an article tonight on CNN about the Catholic nun who brought her “star power” to the DNC, I just couldn’t help but express my utter bewilderment by their use of the words “Catholic” and “Feminist” to describe this woman. When I hear the term Catholic Feminist, I see a completely different woman than Sr. Simone Campbell.  I see the women of The New Feminism Movement. Such women as Pia De Solenni, Janet Smith, Dr. Angela Franks, Helen Avare JD atWomen Speak for Themselves, Marjorie Campbell and all the contributors at New Feminism, the smart gals over at, Theresa Martin from New Feminism Rising,  Jess Smith from, Kristin Detloff, and the list could go on and on. The Catholic women I see who identify themselves as Feminists look nothing like Sr. Simone."
"There is indeed a new wave of Feminism rising. It looks nothing like Sr. Simone Campbell. It is a hopeful and positive view of women and their abilities and when the swells of its message reach the ears of mainstream America we will see those who would support the destruction of the feminine gifts relegated to the ranks of  true misogynists."
POWERFUL stuff, Leah!!!  We are so proud to have you in the New Feminism movement!

STAY TUNED FOR MORE... my apologies for being away, but if you want to know what I've been first newspaper, done.  I am the new Associate Editor and Communications Specialist for the Diocese of Winona.  The Courier is our diocesan paper.

Well, that’s my view of it and I welcome yours!  (Please comment below!  And please use initials or first name or even pseudonym instead of simply “anonymous” so we can have some way to distinguish each person in the discussion.  Thank You!)

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