Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NFP is at the Heart of New Feminism!

It’s NFP Awareness Week!

Did you know it was NFP Awareness Week?  Well, you do now!  I just wanted to create a short post here to connect you with all the things that are going in the NFP world!

Living The Sacrament

What is NFP?  I’m so glad you asked!  NFP (natural family planning) is a natural way for a woman to chart her fertility cycles.  Through this method, she is able to know when she is fertile and when she is infertile.  She is also able to see right away if any problems arise and actually can go to NFP knowledgeable doctors to care for and solve the problem.  (Many doctors use the “pill” or oral contraceptives to “solve” menstrual problems; however, in reality, it is only masking over the problem.  This is why some refer to it as the “bandaid effect” of the pill.)

This is also great for spacing children!  My husband and I have 4 wild little boys, but we actually waited four years after we were married before having children.  (We discerned that living as starving grad students in Italy was not the best environment for a baby!)  And we only used NFP all that time – it really DOES WORK!

What a better sign of the New Feminism than to celebrate, become knowledgeable of, and embrace a woman’s fertility and femininity!  Her body is beautiful!  Her fertility is not a disease! 

NFP is cheap, drug/ hormone free & marriage building, but don’t just take my word for it! 

Great Sites and Resources – to build YOUR AWARENESS of this amazing New Feminist tool:
For AWESOME, edgy pics to use on your social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.265098176924496.42543.210800962354218&type=3

For Info about “What IS going on in the NFP World?”
http://www.osv.com/tabid/7621/itemid/9651/Top-5-NFP-Happenings.aspx (this article has lots of sub articles too!  So be sure to click all around and learn!!)

For basic, easy to understand info on the science of NFP:

For more in depth info 
(AND if you have OB/GYN health concerns! Paul VI Institute uses nfp to care for and HEAL the woman’s actual problems.  They call it FertilityCare and have invented NaProTechnology – amazing miracles happening for women here!)

LOOK at this chart which shows how much MORE effective NaPro is than any of the IVF procedures!!

A BRAND NEW Book for non-medical people (like us!) – Can’t wait to get this one!!
“The NaProTechnology Revolution: Unleashing the POWER in a woman’s cycle” – What every woman has a right to know about her body...her health...her future!

Another SASSY NFP site that is edgy and true (and LOADS of FUN!): 
1Flesh – Bring Sexy Back.

Here are 6 Incentives to Choose NFP:

And with all this INFO going around – HOW ABOUT A PRIZE DRAWING?!!
The IuseNFP site just launched a NEW site and are having a “Grand Opening Give-away”!  Check it out!

Every woman deserves to know how and why her body does what it does.  Because I chart my cycles, I was able to see a huge shift after being on my new ETL food plan!  My cycles have always been irregular, but after this plant-based diet for 6 months, they normalized!  From waking temps, to fertile signs, to length of the cycle – it all changed!  I would NEVER have known that if I had been taking oral contraceptives.  Plus, we eat everything as organic as possible – why would I want to then pump ME full of hormones?!  Just two more stats to leave you with as you celebrate NFP and help others grow in awareness too:

1. The divorce rate of NFP practicing couples is LESS than 2%!  (The national average divorce rate is above 50%.)
2. Couples using NFP report having sex more frequently than their contracepting peers (Some are concerned about the time of abstinence from sex during the fertile phase if you discern to postpone pregnancy at this time.  But the communication NFP cultivates, builds your love and intimacy, and you have a honeymoon stage every month!)

MORE Resource Sites!
Edith Stein Foundation: http://www.edithsteinfoundation.org/
The Guiding Star Project:
Living The Sacrament: http://livingthesacrament.com/
New Feminism Movement: www.facebook.com/NewFeminism 

Well, that’s my view of it and I welcome yours!  (Please comment below!  And please use initials or first name or even pseudonym instead of simply “anonymous” so we can have some way to distinguish each person in the discussion.  Thank You!)

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And simply because I can’t resist here’s one more photo! (sorry for the language, but I think a little spunk every now and then is a good thing!)

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